Nissan e-POWER

Driven by electric
Fuelled by petrol
So you'll never need to plug in

Nissan e-POWER delivers a smooth, quiet and responsive driving experience without the need to plug in to recharge.


e-Power uses a petrol engine to charge a battery and that alone drives an electric motor, powering the wheels. In addition to the petrol engine, e-POWER also uses regenerative braking to help keep the battery topped up.

How does it all work?

Fuelled by petrol, driven by electric

Discover a new driving experience without changing your habits. Keep using fuel but enjoy a responsive EV-like driving experience.

Recharges on the go

You don't need to plug-in an e-POWER vehicle. The petrol engine produces energy that charges the battery when the vehicle needs it. The petrol engine produces energy that can either be directly supplied to the electric motor or to recharge the battery. The electric motor alone drives the vehicle's wheels.

Regenerative braking

Unlocked through Nissan's e-Pedal Step (1), the regenerative braking system on e-POWER converts kinetic energy from deceleration into electrical energy, and feeds it back to the battery.

Our e-POWER Range

How do e-POWER, Conventional Hybrid & 100% Electric powertrains differ?

Conventional Hybrid
100% Electric
e-PowerConventional Hybrid100% Electric
How it worksA combination of petrol engine which charges the battery and an electric motor that turns the wheelsPowered by a combination of petrol engine and an electric motorEntirely power by an electric motor using a battery
What drives the wheels?Electric motorPetrol engine, electric motor or bothElectric motor
How is the battery charged?Charges while driving by the combustion engine and regenerative brakingCharges while driving by the combustion engine and regenerative brakingMust be plugged in to charge
Does it need petrol?YesYesNo
What is the driving experienceInstant torque and a silent driveInstant torque and a quieter driveInstant torque and a silent drive

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